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Step 1: Select your currency

As soon as you sign in, we'll show you the latest exchange rates for each of our currencies. If you are responding to a quote, skip to step 3.

Step 2: Tell us how much you want

Search for and select the currency you require, then enter the spend in pounds sterling or the amount of currency you want to buy for a live quote.

If you only want one currency, then you can head straight to 'checkout' and lockin your rate. If you want more currencies, 'add to basket' and then search for the next one (and so on) until ready to 'checkout'.

Step 3: Select your delivery address

We'll select your account address by default, but you can add any UK address from the Royal Mail database. Just select 'add' and start typing in the address - or try using the postcode. Remember that if you have it delivered anywhere except home, then it's your responsibility to ensure the person signing for the order safely hands it over to you.

Step 4: Select your delivery date and time

The default delivery option is one business day by 1 pm if you order before the daily order cut-off of 1 pm on the previous business day. There must be someone home on the requested delivery date to receive the Special Delivery from Royal Mail (even though they are not currently asking for signatures because of COVID-19).

You can change the delivery date and we will show you all available delivery days and times available on each day. This includes delivery by 9 am from Monday to Saturday, and delivery by 1 pm on a Saturday for an additional fee.

Royal Mail won't deliver on public holidays in your country, and we don't despatch on public holidays in England.

Step 5: Confirm your phone number

If there is a problem with delivery, it is important that you provide a contact telephone number for the chosen delivery address. You can choose your default mobile or home number, or provide a number for a relative or work colleague who will be available at the delivery address.

Step 6: Add a payment card

If you have ordered previously, your default payment source will be automatically selected ready for you to enter your CVC security code for authentication. Otherwise, you need to add a new payment card. You'll need a Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit, Electron, or Maestro card which is registered at your account address.

Step 7: Accept the terms and conditions

We'll show you a summary of your order which itemises any and all costs and provides a link to the distributor terms for the order. Please carefully check the currency amount, delivery date/time, and any other costs before confirming your order. If you have a query, please contact us before confirming your order.

Step 8: Get your order acknowledgment

You will receive an email from us within a minute or two summarising the order and explaining what happens next. This will be followed by an email confirming the successful payment. Finally, we will email your remaining annual exchange allowance to help you plan your next trip.

Step 9: Get regular updates by email

We'll automatically email you with updates once your order is collected by Royal Mail, then update you on progress across the Royal Mail network to your door. If you're not in, we'll confirm the order has been returned to your local delivery office, from where you can collect it in person or arrange re-delivery.

Tips and hints

  1. Found your currency? You can search by currency code or currency name, and if you don't know what currency you need you can search by the destination country or resort name. If we don't stock the native currency, we'll recommend the UK foreign office's recommended alternative currency. If we don't offer a currency, you can usually spend the US Dollar or exchange it in-country (sterling is not accepted as widely).

  2. How long for delivery? Around half our currencies are available next business day if you order the previous business day by 1 pm. We just need an additional business day for all other currencies, so you'll never be waiting long. We'll make it clear during checkout what the earliest possible delivery date is.

  3. When can it be delivered? Royal Mail delivers nationwide from Monday to Saturday except on public holidays in the country of delivery. We despatch Monday to Friday except on public holidays in England. We'll always make your delivery options clear during checkout. If you live in a remote location, you might have to wait a little longer for delivery (but you'll probably be used to that).

  4. Where can it be delivered? Literally anywhere in the UK, so long as it appears in the Royal Mail database. That includes friends and family, neighbors, workplaces, and hotels. Just remember that if you have it delivered anywhere except home, anyone at that location can accept the delivery and the order is no longer insured as soon as it is accepted. Don't worry, we'll email you as soon as it is delivered so you can track it down promptly.

  5. What cards are accepted? You can pay with the following consumer cards: Mastercard Debit, Visa Debit, Electron, Maestro; and the following corporate cards: Mastercard Debit, Visa Debit, Mastercard Credit, Visa Credit. Because of high processing fees, we are unable to accept consumer credit cards or Amex at this time. Some prepaid and corporate card providers will not allow their cards to be used to purchase travel cash. Please note the card must be registered at your account address.

  6. Problem with your identity check? In the unlikely event that we cannot confirm your identity, don't give up. Just get in touch and we'll do our best to sort out any problem.

  7. Card payment not going through? The most common issue is that the address the card is registered to does not match your account address. You must use a card registered at your account address. Another common issue is a security decline from your card issuer. Mail order cash is often purchased infrequently and considered a high probability target for fraudsters, so even if you pass 3D Secure your bank might want you to get in touch to confirm it really was you. Please resist the temptation to keep re-trying - this rarely works and may lead to your billing address being red-flagged for a short time. Get in touch with us after a couple of failed attempts and we'll try and resolve the issue.

How to get in touch

Use the support badge which appears bottom-right on the website to chat with an agent from 9 am-5 pm Monday-Friday. You can also call us on 020 3865 0785 or send a message to​

Tip! To make sure you receive all our email messages without interruption, please add and to the trusted domains in your email software.

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