You can request a change of address by visiting the 'account' section of the website and choosing 'your details'. Clicking on your current address will bring up an address search which is submitted to our support team for verification.

We will submit your personal details and the new address for verification by Onfido, one of the UK's leading identity services providers, when you next place an order. If successful we will update your account address, and this will also become your new default billing address,

If Onfido are unable to verify your identity at the new address, we are unable to accept the change of address request unless you can provide an EU or UK driving license registered at the new address.

To get your identity records updated with your new address, please contact:

  • Either Experian, Equifax or Call Credit to update your consumer credit agreement headers

  • Your local authority to update the electoral roll

Once your records have been updated you can submit your address change request again for our review.

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